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Steel Insulated Raised Panel Garage Doors

 Gallagher Bros. has captured the timeless elegance of a raised panel door and combined it with the durability, security and low maintenance of steel.

Even at a distance, the superiority of our door is obvious!

Deeply embossed panels give a sharp, well-defined appearance. Rivet-free surfaces create a smooth, uniform look. Panel sizes and spacing are proportionate to each individual door size so that all sizes have an authentic raised panel look.

On 7' high doors, the wide top and bottom rails ensure a picture frame effect...even on openings that are undersized in height.

Appearance is just one of the many differences in our doors. The Steel Raised Panel Door is constructed of 24-gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel, pre-painted on both sides with an epoxy primer. A second coat of polyester finish is then baked-on to the exterior surface.

These high-quality materials are assembled to provide a reliable, solid, long-lasting operation:

  • Tog-L-Lock™ Fastening System provides strength to joints without burning or piercing the metal.
  • A resilient vinyl weather-strop attached to the door bottom, minimizes air infiltration by conforming to most garage floor irregularities.
  • Security is assured with a 5-pin cylinder lock and chrome handle with full-width steel bars to hold door secure at both sides.
  • Heavy duty hardware is standard.


Garage Doors are available in a variety of styles.

Color Choices:
White, Brown and Almond
all with a woodgrain finish.

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